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Gentleman's dignity
Friday, 22 November 2013

Wogh.. Daebak!

This is my first time watching drama repeatedly...
Oyah, since i am a jobless woman recently, hahahaha... Reason is secret.. :p but of course i hadn't got fired yhaa.. then sure i have lots of time to watch some kdrama. Start from rewatch my fave Secret Garden then i just follow my mood to watch another recent nice and high ratings k-drama such as, Master's Sun, Arang and the Masgistrate, Alice Cheongdamdong, King 2 Hearts, i hear your voice, and A Gentleman's Dignity, etc. The last one i mentioned just place the highest ratings in my opinion. You should watch A Gentlemen's Dignity... For me, i watch it since the script written by the same Secret Garden scriptwriter. Hahahaha

Imagine 4 40th y.o successful professional ahjussi still hanging around together just like teenagers, debate for who was the most powerful superhero, escape work for playing billiard and game online together, help each other to solve their women problem with very strange way. Hahaha... Just like my bf always said, "Boys will be boys.." It's so true..

Beside the cuteness of all ahjussi's behavior when they were together, i really like tons of funny and fluttered scenes beetwen main character in this drama. Kim Do Jin as an 40 y.o succesful architect, player, bastard, jerk, remain stay single as he won't share his wealth with wife and kids (played by Jang Dong Gun, favenya Susu nih... Hehehe but he had too much loosen weight. Looks older than his age actually huhuhu...) who is fallin for Seo Yi Soo, an ethics teacher at highschool, pure and sincere, act a bit dumb and corny sometimes (played by Kim Ha Neul, dunno why people judge her as bad actress, i think she's good and tallented for this character, and she has absolute nice tall body.)

Architect stuff such model scale, appears often in this drama, ughh... I really missed them so much.. Remember when i was in college stayed up late night doing model scale for studio assignment, ahh... Bogoshipdaa..

Ah.. Funny and fluttered scenes.. I like the fact that Kim Do Jin adores his car more than everything, he even named it Betty and treat her as his wife. Hahaha.. But then he act spontaneously bang his car for Seo Yi Soo, reason why? Watch it yourself.. Hahaha..
Best flutter scene for me is when Kim Do Jin ask regular question to Seo Yi Soo with the same tone and try to trap her with same answer..
"Do you already buy sandwiches?" "Yes..."
"Do you buy the most delicious sandwiches?" "Yes..."
"Can you like me a little?" "Y... " (speechless..)

I keep watch those scenes repeatedly, hahaha...
Nice lah pokona mah...
This drama seems so real, not overreacted, all the things and situation is a common happen in real life..

Which one is better? Secret Garden or Gentleman's Dignity? I would say.. Gentleman's Dignity... :D how bout you?

BEACHY WAVES or BITCHY WAVES? hahahah dunno..
Friday, 27 September 2013

What a day...

So many rough day, but too many uncountable lovely days also..
Well.. Recently i had strong interest of beauty products, beauty tips and tricks, body treatment.. hwehehehee
Wonder why? I'm getting married... yeay! hahahahaha *dry laugh
Yeah.. i already made a decision to have a bright future with the Mr Right. (And I'm gonna be Mrs. Always Right.. hahahaha XD)
After passed almost 4 years together, then i realized.. "who could be better than him?"
By his imperfection, i was so confuse bout this relationship. So much question keep popping to my head.. "is he the real Mr.Right? What if i met the real Mr.Right in the future? Will i regret my decision whole my life?"
Then, few days ago, a friend came by and share her point of view of marriage. She asked "Why you married?". I answer "Of Course because i love him." And she made me shock by saying "You are wrong, Marriage is not about love, marriage is about commitment. Once you've married, you will find soooo much nicer guy, most of all better guy than your hubby, who will made you feel rock the world, beat your heart faster, or butterfly in your stomach or something. But you're no more single, what will you do? DO NOTHING!" Hahahaha...
She is right, DO NOTHING is the best way. The more you respond your feeling, either denying or accepting, the more you will fail to keep your commitment. If you don't ready for this kind of situation, please do not marry someone. *wew, such a philosopher. JUAHAHAHA

Oke, back to this beauty things.. i found a nice blog called PrettyGossip which provide lots of beauty tutorial.
I was trying one of her tutorial to have a pretty wavy hair with no heat. I usually takes about 1 hour to curl my hair with curling iron. My hair basically is straight, then the curl with loose within 2 hours later. Hahahaha... But after i try this http://prettygossip.com/2013/03/08/how-to-get-beacy-waves-with-no-heat/
hohoho... My life changes.. *lebay ye.. This is my result and it last about 6hour without hairspray or 12hour with hairspray.. hahaha

One thing i need to pay attention more is my body. I gained so much weight within the last half year period. *sssttt.. it's secret.. 10kg or more i guess hahahaha XD
I've been trying OCD (Obbesive Corbuzier Diet) for 2 weeks.. Hahaha, body feels great and fresh, but still wait for the result. Wish me luck! :)

See you next time..

Saturday, 14 April 2012

oh you so damn... ~.~ gyabooo....

*naon sih*

penting abis...

muikikiki... maaf kakanda Karel... daku khilaf... wkwkwkwk

Happy Easter!!
Friday, 13 April 2012

Happy easter all... :) may God Bless u all the time yah...
akhirnya nulis lagi setelah sebulan...  *kemajuan nih.. bukan setahun lagi*

gw punya cerita seru abis nih...
begini ceritanya...
Jadi, hari kamis sebelom Jumat Agung kmrn ini gw pergi anter nyokap gw tercinta ke pasar Rawamangun dengan naek parjo gw yang tercinta juga... Intinya nyokap mau masak buat perayaan Paskah, jadi kita bagi tugas, nyokap ke pasar rawamangun beli2 sayur bumbu dll dan gw ke TipTop untuk beli daging. Rencana rutenya adalah gw anter nyokap-ke tiptop-balik ke pasar jemput nyokap-pulang. Setelah gw drop nyokap di Ps rawamangun, gw berangkat ke tiptop, dan disaat gw mau parkir parjo gw sadar bahwa dompet yang gw masukin ke kantong jaket sudah raib... oh noooo... first time in my life gw keilangan dompet.

Gw dengan lemas lunglai nyusurin jalan yang udah gw lewatin ke pasar, frustasi nanya2 ke org2 sekitar barangkali ada yang punya indra keenam bisa tau dimana dompet gw... gw telpon nyokap, "mah... dompet karin jatuh... ini karin lagi nyusurin jalan... aku ga tau jatoh dimana..." Sontak nyokap kaget.. ternyata versi yang didenger sama nyokap itu adalah "mah...karin jatuh...ini karin lagi nyusurin jalan...aku ga tau ini dimana" nyokap gw kira gw jatuh dr motor, ilang ingatan, motornya ilang... WAW! Cerita punya cerita, akhirnya gw ketemu nyokap lagi di pasar.. nyokap gw akhirnya sadar dia uda salah duga.. hahaha

Disini gw baru menyadari... oh mannn.... DUIT,KTP, SIM, STNK, ATM, CC, KTM, NPWP, JAMSOSTEK gw semua disitu... oh DAMN! gw ampir pingsan... dan dengan terburu2 gw ambil hp berniat telp bank untuk blokir CC.. Nyokap gw dengan gayanya "STOP!! Berdoa dulu sebelom telpon dll, BERDOA!" Yha nyokap gw emg kadang lebay sih... tapi daripada makan malem gw nanti ilang juga, gw turutin berdoa.. hihihi
Setelah itu, tindakan pertama yg gw lakukan gw langsung blokir kartu kredit n atm gw. Trus gw ke kantor polisi untuk bikin surat kehilangan krn gw harus secepatnya urus KTP, SIM dan STNK. Bisa repot klo gada itu...
Selaen itu gw cukup berduka dengan ilangnya duit... krn semalem sebelomnya gw baru ambil duit dr atm persiapan untuk hari sabtunya gw berencana berperang antri tiket suju show yang dijual cuma sehari itu aja... Namun kini pupus sudah harapanku..hix hix Oya, buat yang ga tau, SuJu itu Super Junior, salah satu boyband korea yang kerjanya joget2 di panggung. hehehe, aku bukan fans banget nget nget.. cuma pengen liat aksi panggungnya aja sih...

selama Paskah gw jalani dengan lesu dan tidak berdaya.. tapi akhirnya gw bangkit kembali pada hari Minggu, seperti Tuhan Yesus yang telah bangkit bagiku.. hohoho gw merelakan semuanya dan gw beriman bahwa dompet itu pasti akan kembali kalau memang jodohnya..

Dan tibalah hari H, jeng jeng jeng... DOMPET itu kembali!! Hari selasa, dua hari setelah Paskah, ada orang yang berbaik hati datang mengantarkan dompet itu ke rumah.. Tanpa meminta imbalan apapun... memang uang di dompet udah ilang sebagian besar, disisakan sebagian kecilnya.. WOW! itulah Iman... akhirnya gw kasi uang juga untuk penemu dompet itu.. itung2 ongkos nganterin.. Sekian ceritanya...

Gimana? Seru kan? wkwkwkwkwk...

Sunday, 18 March 2012

EGILA! beneran ngisi blog setaon sekalay... muikikiki....
oh no ini bener2 jadi blog mati kayanya... belon pernah ganti sekin dari bbrp taon...waw! hebat yah guwe?

btw... gw baru aja resign dari kantor yg sekarang... eniwey gw sayang banget sama kantor gw ini...
walopun sometimes it hurting me a lot, tapi gw sayang kantor ini... termasuk di dalamnya brand produk keluaran kantor gw..terlepas dari menejemennya... :P
Yha mule april nanti gw bakalan gawe di tempat yang baru... walopun still blom tau seberat apa tantangan yang harus gw hadepin but it's kinda excite me...

after gawe di tempat yang ga pake komputer sama sekali dan hanya mengandalkan mouthskill (*eleuh, maksutnya skill ngomong yah... bukan skill muach2), akhirnya gw gawe di tempat dimana gw dapet pinjaman leptop sendiri. Yeah, back to multimedia and high tech device things...

Good Luck Rin! :)

bonus poto yah... Pulang dari belitung nih... Do i look like lost mermaid? :P

Monday, 27 June 2011

aha... nyoba2 blogging dr android nih... hohoho
blakangan uda mule banyak yg aneh2 di gawean aye nih.. tapi ga kerasa uda ampir setaun gw disini..
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astagaaaa... uda ampir setaun jg kaga nulis.... o_O mule beku ni otak.. pdhl byk bgt yg pengen ditulis.. tp iap mau nulis keburu lupa.. heuuu...

it's been a lil' time
Friday, 13 August 2010

yeah.. udah lama aye ga isi blog ini...
i admit, aye mule males ngisinya...wkwkwkwk
sometimes aye ngalamin sesuatu, pengen ditulis, udah digodok di otak, tapi begitu di depan lepi ilang semua apa yang mo ditulis...*abis tiap buka lepi ingetnya si jonghun aje! =P* kayanya hardisk otak mule crash nih..

uda banyak banget kejadian dari terakhir aye ngisi blog ini (oktober 2009 yah?) sampe sekarang tanggal 14 Agustus 2010.. whiw, ampir setaon.. wkwkwk
berikut kejadiannya yang aye alamin secara berurutan:
* aye lulus kuliah
* aye punya pacar
* aye wisuda
* aye mule kerja
* aye berenti kerja
* aye nganggur
* aye freelance ga jelas
* aye galaw
* dan akhirnya aye maw mule kerja lagi...

panjangnya perjalanan hidup gw 10 bulan ini...hahahaha

skrg mumpung ini hari terakhir aye libur, senen tgl 16 besok aye mule masuk di kantor yang baru *uhuy!* blom tentu aye punya kesempatan nulis lagi...
mumpung juga aye lagi sakit, nothing to do except bedrest... huhuhuhu uda 3hari ini panas naek turun... kayanya ketularan si pacar nih.. =.= padahal aye lagi semangat2nya mau ngerjain ini itu.

ntar coba deh bongkar2 isi otak.. siapa tau ada yang bisa aye tulis lagi disini... hihihi